Since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2008, Angela Alves is disabled. 
She is not a dancer in spite or because of her disability. 
She is not a warrior and she is not a victim. 
She does not keep up with the others and she is not participating in what others do. 
She is a disabled artist but no inclusive artist. Inclusion cannot address to a subject, inclusion is a living space created by and for people to realize emancipation in. Inclusion is a frame, an environment or maybe an ambience, but it should never become a label, otherwise we are never going to overcome oppositional thinking, feeling and acting.
In light of her self-image as a disabled artist Angela Alves presumes the art field as a unified space that naturally assumes an obligation for inclusive frame conditions. Therefore her work is offering ways to create emancipated presentations and receptions of diverse bodies in performative settings. The question of how to handle an unavailable and unpredictable body she transfers back to the dance itself by using its conditionality as a choreographic tool box.